Businesses, industry groups, not-for-profit groups and State Government survey

1. As a business, what are the most important issues to you in terms of waste and recycling?

2. What do you need to achieve better recycling outcomes from your business?

3. How could you procure more recycled content materials or manufacture recycled content products?

4. Do you have any ideas or solutions for improving markets for recycled-content materials or the manufacture of these products? For example, in accessing finance, product standards and specifications, or in improving market acceptance?

5. Do you have any ideas or solutions for how your organisation can support South Australia’s transition to a circular economy, including in product design?

You may wish to consider:

Support for contracting waste and recycling services, accessibility of waste and recycling infrastructure, education materials to support recycling behaviours within businesses, labelling of recyclable products, transparency in waste management costs, general barriers to adopting better practice recycling behaviours.

Your organisation’s views on the procurement of recycled content materials and opportunities or general barriers for business and industry.

Innovative ideas to help the state’s transition to a circular economy are welcome, including your own examples.