Local government survey

1. What would you like local government to have achieved in waste management, resource recovery and the circular economy?

2. What would you like your organisation to have achieved in waste management, recycling and the circular economy?

3. What do you see as essential in the provision of waste and recycling services to households?

4. What do you see as potential barriers for encouraging further diversion of waste away from landfill?

5. What do you expect from waste management contracts? What are the key criteria used by council in awarding these contracts?

You may wish to consider issues such as bin infrastructure, including food caddies; frequency of collections; hard waste collections; education to support behaviour change in councils; contracting requirements or specifications for waste management and recycling services; support in data collection and transparency in disclosing information; support for Infrastructure (including soft infrastructure) and for educating households; consistency across local government areas; encouraging local processing; end markets for materials collected; costs and environmental benefits and whether these are taken into account when awarding contracts.