Terms & Conditions

By participating in Fund My Community you acknowledge the following:

If you are submitting an application, that:

  1. The program is a democratic process that involves the community in deciding how public funds are spent.
  2. Your organisation and the project for which it is seeking funding is eligible under the eligibility criteria.
  3. Your organisation's board of management, responsible officer or equivalent has approved the application for funding that you have lodged.
  4. Your organisation is financially viable and has the capacity to deliver and manage the project for which it is seeking funding.
  5. The project for which your organisation is seeking funding can be delivered within 12 months of signing the funding agreement.
  6. Information provided in the application and/or follow-up with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) and/or Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI): i) will be made available to members of the public to facilitate the community assessment; ii) will be provided to DCSI for ongoing program management and iii) will be published on www.yourSAy.sa.gov.au and/or other South Australian Government agency websites or publications relating to the program and iv) may be used for promotional activities.
  7. You have permission to use the image attached to your application and you have not violated copyright by using the image.
  8. The program has a multi-stage assessment process as follows:  

Stage One: the idea will be assessed for eligibility by DCSI program staff and if deemed ineligible will not proceed to the community assessment.  

Stage Two: the community will be invited to review all eligible applications and select their preferred projects.   

Stage Three: the top ranked projects will be verified and endorsed by DCSI.

9. DPC will monitor the community assessment and can at its full discretion, void, discount or delete any suspect or irregular participation with or without the consent of, or contacting, the owner of the associated YourSAy account.

10.The assessment process can reject the outcome of the community assessment if significant irregularities are identified or if it is suspected or identified that the process has been manipulated (either in whole or for one or more individual projects).

11. Your organisation will be required to enter into a funding agreement with DCSI if it is approved for funding. This will outline the terms and conditions of the funding.


If you are taking part in the community assessment, that:

  1. The details that you used to create your YourSAy account are true and accurate.
  2. The account you used to submit a Plan is a legitimate account. For example, it was not created with a fake or temporary email or Facebook account.
  3. DPC has full discretion to determine the validity or legitimacy of a user account.
  4. You have and will only submit one Plan. For example, you cannot use multiple YourSAy accounts created using different email addresses to submit multiple Plans.
  5. DPC will monitor the community assessment process and can, at its full discretion, void, discount or delete any suspect or irregular Plans or illegitimate accounts with or without contacting or the consent of the account owner.