Voting for an idea

You can vote for as many ideas as you like, but you can only vote once for each idea.

To vote, you must have a valid YourSAy account, established using legitimate, verifiable information.

We want the funding outcome to reflect the community’s decision. But we also want a fair process. By taking part in the public vote you are agreeing to the program's Terms and Conditions.

What to consider when voting

$50,000 can make a huge difference to a community. Please think carefully before voting for an idea. Asking the following questions could help:

  • What benefit does the project bring to the community where it will be delivered?
  • Will the project benefit the whole community, or just a small part of the community?
  • Is the budget realistic? Is it sustainable (e.g. will one-off funding deliver it or will ongoing funding be required)?
  • Does the project provide good value for money and is it a good use of public funds?

Commenting on ideas

Want to know more about an idea? You can ask questions or have your say on an idea by using the comments section for that idea. Please note that when commenting, you agree to comply with the acceptable terms of use of the YourSAy website.