Who is being asked to comment on the draft Amendment Bill?

    In addition to this YourSAy engagement, individual approaches have been made to Aboriginal people from across the state, mainly through representative bodies and heritage associations.

    Peak bodies in key industry sectors are also being asked to have their say, as well as government departments responsible for major infrastructure and other ground-disturbing projects.

    What will this engagement achieve?

    The Minister is interested to understand the views of interested South Australians on the changes in the Amendment Bill, particularly the enhanced penalty provisions, the Aboriginal Heritage Fund, compensation and other punishments, the new reporting and ‘stop work’ requirements where an authorisation has been given, the scope of authorisations and the validation of past authorisations.

    Views on these and other proposed amendments will help with the drafting of the final Amendment Bill. 

    People will likely have many more ideas of how heritage protection laws in South Australia may be improved. These ideas may or may not find a place in the Amendment Bill. They will, however, be saved so they are available for South Australia’s participation in the national reform process.