Are there any known Aboriginal sites within the Application Area?

    The Application Area completely encompasses Arkaroo Rock Painting Site 1 (6634-2315), which is one of three rock art sites entered into the central archives. The other two sites – Arkaroo Rock Painting Site 2 (6634-2316) and Arkaroo Rock Painting Site 3 (6634-2317) – are about 60 and 100 metres from the Application Area respectively.  

    Further, the Application Area falls entirely within site 6634-2738, an archaeological artefact assemblage and campsite.

    The above-mentioned sites are also shown on the Application Area map.

    Please see the Project Overview and Activities document for further information regarding Aboriginal heritage relevant to the Application Area. The document also includes information on the Applicant’s proposed heritage management measures throughout the duration of the Project works.

    Will there be a public meeting to discuss this application?

    In order to minimise the potential spread of COVID-19, no public meeting is proposed for this application. AAR will liaise with the Applicant to facilitate teleconferences with consultees upon request. Submissions can be lodged until Thursday 24 February 2022. For further details, please call (08) 8226 8900 or visit