Community update

The design for Breakout Creek Stage 3 is being finalised following the feedback we’ve received from the community. The following features are now incorporated into the design, which is based on the nine design principles developed with the community in 2015.

Naturalise the watercourse and create habitats for aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity

Areas with plantings adjacent to the river will provide habitat to enhance aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity. This will include planting threatened species and designing habitat to encourage threatened birds The wetland areas will also provide a nursery habitat for fish.

Improve water quality by introducing biofiltration wetlands while maintaining flood conveyance.

Wetlands will be placed adjacent to the main channel and filter all stormwater entering the Breakout Creek channel area. Additional slow-flow areas will be built into the main channel and revegetated to provide water quality benefits.

Enhance the general amenity with a greater diversity of landscape treatments and interpret the local environment and culture

Kaurna cultural heritage is incorporated in the design, with focus on a cultural space on the northern bank adjacent Military Road. Kaurna-inspired nature play opportunities will be scattered throughout the site.

Improve recreation opportunities for a range of active and passive recreation

A range of active and passive recreation and accompanying facilities were suggested during the consultation which will be incorporated in the design. These include picnic sites, BBQ facilities, seating, boardwalks, riverside platforms, bird hides, bicycle facilities (such as maintenance stations and bike parking), and a variety of path options.

Provide equity in access and use and introduce opportunities for river crossing

Pathways are being designed so they are accessible for all users, including people who use a wheelchair or walker. Multiple entry points are being provided, such as from Apex Park and the northern bank adjacent to Military Road, with a path connecting the two. Car parking is provided in key locations. Consultation identified support for the two river crossings that link the north and south sides of the river, at the Apex Park and Military Road locations as shown in the draft design for consultation.

Increase personal safety for users with good lighting and clear sightlines

Safety design features are incorporated to help ensure the safety of all users of all ages and abilities on the shared-use pathways. The path will be widened on both sides of the river and the lighting upgraded. Some paths will be realigned to increase sight lines. Relatively compact plant species will be selected to keep an open feel to the space.

Retain a space for horses and interpret the historic associations with the site

A horse agistment space will be retained in the south-western area (as shown in the draft design for consultation). The design consultants and project managers will continue to work closely with the Lockleys Riding Club to make the best use of this space, and how this space, and the horses, connect to Apex Park.

Enable ongoing maintenance and management with designs that are durable and sustainable

The design team will continue to work closely with the local government project partners to ensure the longevity of the paths and other features that are built.

Propose practical design outcomes that address the needs of stakeholders and community

The design team is working closely with construction experts to ensure the ease and efficiency of the build phase of the project.

A foundation principle of the Breakout Creek Stage 3 project is a close working relationship between the project team and representatives of the Kaurna Nation. A message from the Kaurna Nation:

“Karrawirra Pari (River Torrens) is a point of shared connection. With your participation and continuous support we can rejuvenate the spirit of the river and build a sense of cultural connection to this landscape for us all to enjoy.”

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Consultation has concluded

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