What is the South Australian Government doing to address climate change?

    The government is delivering a range of actions to progress towards South Australia’s emission reduction targets and strengthen South Australia’s climate change response.

    South Australia – Responding to Climate Change outlines the priority actions that the South Australian Government will be focusing on in the near term to build a strong, net zero emissions future and adapt to climate change.

    These priority actions build upon a strong foundation of existing government action to address climate change mitigation and adaptation as documented in South Australian Climate Change Actions.

    Find out more at: Department for Environment and Water - Government action on climate change

    Why should I get involved and register my interest in the Community Climate Panel?

    The purpose of the Panel is to help find a way forward for action on climate change by promoting a state-wide discussion about opportunities to reduce emissions that have the most impact and are most difficult for SA to address. 

    The Panel will do this by engaging in facilitated discussions, hearing from experts, and working together collaboratively on a report. The report will form the basis for other conversations to be held by organisations and communities across the State about what needs to be done.

    In addition, the report will be-  

    • provided to the Deputy Premier and Minister for Climate, Environment and Water to assist the government in developing the State’s strategy to achieve a net zero emissions future. 
    • shared with government, businesses, and non-government organisations across the state to inform their thinking about actions to respond to climate change and reduce emissions. 

    In addition – we find that people who get involved in Panel processes tend to have fun, meet new people and in some instances build lasting friendships and networks. 

    How many meetings of the Panel do I need to come to?

    The meetings of the Panel build on each other – so ideally you will need to attend all the sessions. We at least ask that you attend the majority of the sessions and let us know if you have to miss any.

    Who is leading this project?

    This project is being sponsored by the Department of Environment and Water and is a partnership between the Conservation Council and South Australians for Climate Action.