What is the purpose of the CYPS Act?

    The Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017 provides a child-centred legislative framework to protect South Australian children and young people from harm and provide for children and young people in care and leaving care. 

    Why is the Act being reviewed?

    The CYPS Act states that a review of the legislation and a report about the review must be completed before the fifth anniversary of the commencement of the Act. Based on these dates, the review report is due before 26 February 2023, which is five years after phase one of the Act commenced.

    Who can provide input?

    The State Government is committed to a full public consultation and submission process to support the review.

    Feedback is sought from a wide range of stakeholders including young people, families, carers, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal stakeholders, advocacy bodies, service providers, academics and other sector partners.  

    What will the feedback be used for?

    Following the review, a report will be developed for the Minister for Child Protection. Depending on the outcomes of the review, the report may recommend changes to the current legislation for the consideration of the State Government.