Digitisation can be a non-starter no matter how smart you are!

I live in the northern suburbs and recently had to give up my NBN service because they could not guarantee speeds, and my land line kept dropping out, often for hours. I have to use a mobile as I need 24 hours phone access for emergencies. However I have essential tremors and have serious problems using a mobile phone and usually cut people off while trying to answer a call. I also have vision problems. I am IT literate and used to build computers from scratch, but cannot function as I am. All my log-ins have been done on my computer, which has created problems trying to install apps on my mobile, and my mobile is not user-friendly, none are, and a tablet or laptop are far too large and heavy to cart around with me. It would still not help with texting, swiping, trying to dial a number, or even touching the right person in my contacts list.

I also cannot control a mouse on my computer any more, cutting and pasting is pretty much impossible, but I do have a fighting chance of managing it, whereas I cannot manage it on my mobile. Many of my friends cannot use their mobile phones let alone a computer and forcing people to go digital results in difficulties paying bills, responding to government requests, banking, and finding out information as very few government departments now will send out a letter or printed form. The assumption is that if you have a mobile, then you can use it! For example, when I had my last eye check-up at the RAH eye clinic, they texted me after I asked them not to because I could not read the text messages on my phone!

The reason I have a mobile is because I cannot get reliable NBN service to my house and I need to be able to call an ambulance in an emergency, its not because I like them!

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