When was the Act last reviewed?

    The last comprehensive review of the Emergency Management Act 2004 was undertaken in 2016. Since then, a number of changes have been made gradually to better support the management of large-scale emergencies.

    Who can respond?

    Anyone can respond to the review. The review is seeking feedback from the general public, state government agencies, local government, non-government organisations, volunteer organisations, academics and legal professionals.

    Which paper should I respond to?

    The shorter discussion paper deals with issues that may be of interest to the broader South Australian community. In addition to these issues, the full consultation paper discusses matters pertaining to State Government administration.

    What parts of the paper can I respond to?

    Submissions may cover a number of topics outlined in either discussion paper or respond to a specific area of interest. The discussion paper should not be considered exhaustive, and if the papers have not covered a matter a stakeholder believes is relevant to the review we welcome submissions that address any additional issues.