Consultation update

Public consultation on the draft Landscape South Australia Regulations was held between 27 July and 4 September 2020, which included the YourSAy consultation and information sessions.

The Regulations provide guidance on how Schedule 4 of the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 is to operate. This schedule establishes the State’s Water Register, which is used to record water licences, permitting and well drilling information, transactions (such as trade), water use, and assessment and compliance.

The consultation led to two changes being made to the Regulations:

  1. To lengthen the duration of security interests to be registered from 7 to 15 years (to coincide with the length of time financial institutions lend against water licences); and
  2. To provide clarity in the types of dealings that will need the consent of the security interest holder.

The Regulations were made by the Governor on 26 November 2020.

The new software for the new Water Register will continue to be built to enable the features contained in the Regulations to be accessible to water licence holders and their representatives within the new Water Register.

Read the YourSAy Consultation Report Landscape South Australia (Water Register) Regulations 2020 for a summary of the consultation outcomes.

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Consultation has concluded

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