Community consultation summary and changes to draft State Sports Park Master Plan

The second stage community consultation on the draft State Sports Park was completed in 2021 centred around the State government’s YourSAy platform, and the results are summarised below.

We've created a Stage 2 Community and Stakeholder Engagement Report which gives more detail.

The first stage in 2020 sought comment and input on foundational matters such as vision, movement framework, and activity precincts. This second stage sought comments on the activities proposed and laid out in concept design format for each of the precincts.

The table below is included in the finalised Master Plan, as is an implementation plan, which is now underway.

Consultation theme

Response in draft Master Plan

1. Very strong support was received for the Park’s biodiversity and open

space values, including Foresters Forest. This included being in or near

a natural, quiet, open environment. Protection of trees and vegetation

buffers to houses, and planting more native species were prominent.

  • Strengthen Guiding Principles, including the preference for native trees and the balance required with exotic trees.
  • Remove references to tree thinning along Main North Road, Briens Road and in Foresters Forest relating to the Criterium Track.
  • Include the development of a vegetation management plan.

2. Strong support was received for the inclusion of an aquatic centre,

noting that the southern suburbs seem better provided for than the

northern suburbs.

  • Determine the merits of an Aquatic Centre, in conjunction with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

3. Strong support was received for the Criterium Track and the additional

activities such as pedal prix, in-line skating, learn to ride, para-cycling,

and generally being able to ride safely off road.

  • Include a car park and visitor facilities to serve the Criterium Track and (Foresters Forest) near the northern part of the track.
  • Strengthen reference to the strategic national/international opportunities for the Cycling Precinct. Note in-line skating and learn-to-ride as opportunities.

4 Noticeable support was received for the Archery Hub co-locating with

the Hockey Centre.

5 Noticeable support was received for playgrounds for both adults and

children, and for their location close to other recreational facilities such

as cafes, picnic areas.

  • Strengthen references to Playgrounds, including exercise playgrounds.

6. Apart from the above, Key Stakeholders also mentioned: support for

cricket, soccer, and AFL, need for quality facilities, additional change

rooms, lighted playing fields, 3-on-3 basketball pads, nature-based

education, stormwater and roads management, flexible event spaces.

  • In the Community Recreation Precinct, show AFL oval capacity on the playing fields, additional player facilities, lit laying fields, and 3-on-3 basketball activities.
  • Determine the merits/options of a fourth pitch at the State Centre of Football.
  • Better articulate shared parking intent, especially for events.
  • Update the Strategic Context section for the ORSR Strategic Plan 2021-24.

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Consultation has concluded

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