State Sports Park Overview

State Sports Park Overview

The Overview shows precincts and envisaged infrastructure development at the State Sports Park.

The Plan builds upon the national cycling activities at the Super-Drome with a new Criterium Track and with links to an upgraded Cross Keys BMX track in Unity Park. The new ‘wind tunnel’ will be built on the velodrome’s southwest corner by mid-2022.

Foresters Forest will be well-managed and walking, picnicking and nature play and appreciation will be featured. Further revegetation of the Park will incorporate stormwater detention basins and green corridors.

The State Hockey Centre will be revitalised and considered for other uses such as rugby and lacrosse, and share its facilities with a new Archery Hub.

The Sports Park Village will form a bustling active heart, with mixed-use activities that support sports and recreation activities. The Bikeway will become a cycling lane on the new road in from Grand Junction Road, be re-routed through the Village, and continue through to Mawson Lakes.

A new Community Recreation Precinct will allow multiple sports to be played on flexible fields and courts, alongside picnic, play and event spaces. Views to the plains and coast are important from this precinct.

The new State Centre of Football (soccer) is currently being built adjacent the Croatian Sports Centre. The new road in from Briens Road will also provide access to the new Girls Campus at Roma Mitchell Secondary College, also being built in 2021. The school will share car parking, sports and café facilities provided by the Football Centre.

Stormwater runoff will be diverted to Unity Ponds for re-use on the main pitch, and Unity Park will extend to meet the Centre’s 5-aside pitches. Two other mixed-use areas are shown.

For more information, see the draft State Sports Park Master Plan 2021 and the Executive Summary.

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