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What is the Recreational Greenways Act 2000?

The Recreational Greenways Act 2000 was established to secure public access over corridors of land that form part of a recreational trail. It allows for the State Government to enter into an agreement with any private or public landowner to protect or create a greenway for public use.

The proposed greenways will ensure ongoing public access to the state’s premier long distance walking and cycling trails, the Heysen and Mawson Trail networks in Wirrabara and Bundaleer Forests, by proclaiming greenways as such under the Act.

If this land is then sold, the Act contemplates the Minister for Recreation and Sport entering into land access agreements with current owners and noting the agreement on the relevant titles. The Act further provides that access agreements would, having been noted on the title, be attached to the land and ensure continued public access to the greenways for their respective recreational use: Heysen Trail - walking, the Mawson Trail - cycling and walking.

Aside from trails, the Act can also provide for the protection and preservation of buildings, structures, signs and other improvements on greenways.

What areas will be impacted?

The trails to be affected are entirely contained within the respective boundaries of Bundaleer and Wirrabara Forest Reserves. A map of the proposed greenways is available on this webpage, at the Bundaleer and Wirrabara pages.

The proposed greenways are focussed on the Heysen and Mawson Trail networks. These trails allow for recreational access for hikers/walkers and cyclists respectively, and pass through both Bundaleer and Wirrabara forests.

The proposed Wirrabara greenway will be used to protect access to trails in areas that may be under private ownership in the future. This would be a small length of trail in the north and a small length travelling east from the Wirrabara Range to the Ippinitchie Camp Ground. The existing trail through the Wirrabara Range will be accessible for public use as it has been historically.

In Bundaleer Forest a new route is proposed for the Bundaleer greenway. This would give trail users access to accommodation and camping areas such as Conservator’s and Curnow’s Huts. To protect the smaller trails of the network, and create a more intuitive and connected user experience, the proposed greenways include re-routes of the Mawson and Heysen Trails.

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