Chrissies Place

I purchased a house in 2021 and renovated it to accommodate 4 older women in a way that affords them privacy, safety and dignity. The lease is periodical to allow maximum flexibility if the ladies are offered social/government housing. The board covers all rent and utilities, meaning that the ladies never need worry about a bill or scrimp on heating or cooling for fear of not being able to afford it. The home is set up to be comfortable for visitors but structured so that guests are not intruding upon other residents. This is a tiny drop in the ocean but I hope to replicate the model and perhaps purpose build a property with a central kitchen and 4 'wings' each with bathroom, living and bedroom. This way I can house 4 women comfortably for 1 set of rates. I'm not sure this is even enough to be a 'success story' yet but I just couldn't do nothing while people like my mum, who has worked, volunteered, nursed elderly loved ones, raised children, done everything society expected of them, have to make the choice every week to eat or pay the power bill/rent.

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