Is this engagement only open for older women?

    No, we would like to hear from anyone with an interest in improving older women's housing security.

    Why are you looking at older women's housing security?

    Older women are one of the fastest growing populations experiencing homelessness. Research indicates this is an underestimation given the 'hidden' nature of older women's homelessness; they are more likely to stay with friends or family, live in their care, in severely overcrowded dwellings, or physically hide out of sight. 

    What about other cohorts who may be experiencing vulnerability?

    While we are focusing on older women's housing security, we are looking at solutions which may be scaled up and applied to other cohorts who may be experiencing vulnerability.

    What can help me to complete the survey?

    A range of resources have been developed to support you contributing. This includes:

    How will you use what I provide?

    All responses will remain anonymous and be de-identified. Your voice and contributions will help us to understand what is important to the South Australian community, what else the Taskforce needs to consider, and how you feel about what has been identified so far. 

    I am a service provider or support worker, can I arrange for a non-computer option for my clients to complete the survey?

    Yes, please email to seek options and instructions for how this can be achieved.