Are you changing the whole curriculum / starting from scratch?

    Definitely not! The KS:CPC is already a comprehensive, highly regarded curriculum. Your feedback will help the review team understand what currently works well and where it can be strengthened.

    Will the planning tools and resources be updated to reflect the changes?

    Yes, all planning tools and resources will be updated to reflect the updated curriculum.

    Will the curriculum activities change?

    All curriculum activities and resources will be reviewed to ensure they are contemporary and up to date.  

    How will I know what has been updated?

    A summary of all the changes will be provided on the KS:CPC website.

    How will I access the new curriculum resources?

    The curriculum documents and additional resources will be available on the KS:CPC website.

    Will I need to be retrained after the curriculum update?

    Following the review and publication of a revised KS:CPC, there will be updated face-to-face training and online update training available. Teachers will not need to recomplete the full day KS:CPC Educator course. Further advice will be provided regarding online update training requirements.