Who has been involved in developing the new approach?

    In developing this draft, we have worked closely with our community advisory group, the River Murray Advisory Committee (RMAC). This group works with us to ensure the best social, economic and environmental outcomes are achieved. 

    Once we receive your feedback, we will further consult with RMAC to help work through potential changes to our process by the end of 2018

    How do the proposed changes affect water users?

    These changes do not affect the reliability of entitlements. The changes provide increased certainty about the timing of allocation announcements and greater consistency with the approach in New South Wales and Victoria.

    Providing probability scenarios increases access to information that can help people make decisions based on their business needs and risk appetite. This additional information should allow irrigators to make better business decisions and continue to contribute to regional economic growth.

    Can allocation announcements be made prior to April?

    Our water allocation and carryover announcement timing relies on timing of the MDBA’s announcement of water available to South Australia. We are working closely with the MDBA to make announcements as early as possible. In most years, water availability information for the upcoming water year is not considered sufficiently reliable to announce minimum opening allocations prior to April. In some very wet years, however, announcements may be made earlier.

    Is this approach consistent with interstate approaches?

    South Australia’s River Murray Entitlement and water sharing rules vary from those interstate.

    The proposed approach is tailored to South Australia’s specific circumstances, whilst providing information in a manner that is consistent with the New South Wales and Victoria’s approach. Allocation announcements would be based on the same water availability information used interstate.