What is the assessment process for a major development?

    1. Major development declared by the Minister for Planning
    2. Development application lodged by the proponent
    3. Guidelines prepared by the independent State Planning Commission, developed with input from state government agencies
    4. Development report prepared by the proponent
    5. Public, council and agency consultation
    6. Response document prepared by the proponent, addressing issues raised through consultation
    7. Assessment report prepared by the State Planning Commission
    8. Final decision by Minister for Planning

    For further details about the assessment process, visit the PlanSA website.

    What new accommodation is proposed?

    A new 3 to 5 level tourist accommodation building is proposed, consisting of:

    • 56 units
    • 15 two-bedroom serviced apartments
    • 15 three-bedroom serviced apartments
    • 2 penthouse serviced apartments
    • back of house, plant storage and maintenance areas
    • function room, restaurant, external terrace, sports bar, gallery and cafe
    • a wellness centre.

    Seventeen private retreats, or one-bedroom ‘pods’ are also proposed, along with 1 back of house service pod.

    What vegetation is planned to be removed and is any additional vegetation planned to be planted?

    About 1.8 ha of native vegetation is proposed for clearance and a total of 57 scattered trees. 

    To offset the loss of native vegetation, $439,095.19 is proposed to be paid into the Native Vegetation fund. 

    Mount Lofty Golf Estate has also prepared a landscape plan that includes new plantings.

    Which local heritage place would be adapted as part of the development and what is planned for the building?

    The perfumery building, a local heritage place, is currently used as the site maintenance building.

    The existing building would be restored and adapted for use as a retail, café or function space. An extension is proposed to include a covered outdoor dining area.

    An orchard and perfumery garden plantings are planned, to reimagine the building’s former use as a ‘scent factory’.

    How has bushfire risk been considered in the development proposal?

    To reduce bushfire impact on the accommodation ‘pods’, they are located away from Mt George Conservation Park and all understory and smaller trees would be removed. The understorey would be managed grassland.

    Have impacts on traffic networks during construction and operation been considered?

    A traffic impact statement has been provided to address the impacts of more vehicles using the road network. This report concludes that the development is not expected to cause unreasonable levels of traffic impact.

    Site access and car parking areas are designed to accommodate anticipated vehicle types, including fire fighting vehicles.

    200 car parking spaces are proposed on site to accommodate the anticipated demand generated by the development.

    How does the proposal consider impacts on waterways?

    The integrated water management plan for the proposed development considers water supply, rainwater harvesting, stormwater, wastewater and groundwater resources. 

    Mount Lofty Golf Estate aims to promote sustainable water use, minimise the impact of development on water resources and ensure long-term water availability and quality.

    Improved planting along embankments and the stormwater basin is proposed, aiming to improve water quality. Designated crossovers are proposed for walkers and golf buggies to reduce the damage to waterways.

    Have noise impacts been considered as part of the proposed development?

    Noise impacts on the nearest residents have been considered as part of the proposal, including music at functions, patron noise and noise from carpark use, deliveries and rubbish collection.

    How would the development interface with Mount George Conservation Park?

    The Mount George Conservation Park is adjacent to the proposed development. The conservation park supports nationally and state significant flora and fauna. 

    Two assessments were undertaken as part of the Development Report, taking into account the requirements of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act: 

    The proposal retains vegetation of high habitat value, providing a 

    corridor for movement to better quality vegetation. The remaining remnant scattered trees contain hollows, likely to be utilised by less conspicuous or nocturnal species and utilised for nesting, either by birds or other fauna. 

    Nationally and state significant flora and fauna would continue to be conserved post-development.

    Accommodation is located away from hazardous vegetation in Mount George Conservation Park, reducing potential bushfire impacts.

    How have impacts on the Heysen Trail been considered in the proposal?

    The Heysen Trail runs through the north-eastern portion of the site. 

    No change is proposed to this trail.

    Care was taken to preserve views to Mt George and position the building to reduce the impact on views from the Heysen Trail. The choice of materials reflect the desire to blend the building with its surroundings. 

    Does the proposal subdivide the land?

    It is proposed that the land is subdivided to divide one allotment into three allotments, seeking to formalise the tourist accommodation, golf and golf course areas and provide rights of way access.  

    This is proposed for leasing purposes so that each area can be tenanted separately. 

    No residential land uses are proposed as part of the development.

    What servicing and infrastructure is required for the proposal?

    Servicing and infrastructure requirements for the development include water supply for domestic use and bushfires, electricity and gas, sewers and waste management.

    Have environmental management plans been developed for construction and operation of the proposed development?

    Yes, environmental management plans have been developed for construction and operation to ensure a full assessment of environmental legislation is undertaken to minimise the potential for pollution, reduce waste and mitigate environmental impacts.

    What would happen to the existing golf club and accommodation buildings?

    The existing golf club and accommodation buildings would be demolished ahead of site preparation and construction of the proposed new development.

    What facilities currently exist on the site?

    The site currently includes:

    • an 18-hole golf course
    • members facilities, gymnasium, bars and function rooms with commercial kitchen
    • 5 motel-style accommodation rooms.

     Currently the golf course and club rooms are leased by Stirling Golf Club and hosts functions and weddings, as well as regular events.

    Would the golf club still be open to the community?

    The golf club will be retained as an important community recreational and social asset.

    The proposed development provides ongoing opportunities to meet and congregate at the golf club, which has a history of hosting local events in its clubrooms.