Are there any Aboriginal sites located within the Application Area?

    AAR’s central archives do not contain records for any Aboriginal sites within the Application Area. However, the central archives are not a comprehensive record of Aboriginal heritage in the state. The Onkaparinga River, which is located close to the Application Area, is known to hold cultural significance to Aboriginal people. Aboriginal sites are also known to exist near the application area. 

    Please refer to the Consultation Information Pack for further information about known Aboriginal sites within the Application Area.

    How does the Applicant intend to manage Aboriginal heritage while undertaking construction activities?

    Considering the presence of a number of Aboriginal heritage sites in the general area, as well as the nature of the proposed works, the Applicant advises that Aboriginal heritage may be encountered during Project works. 

    To appropriately manage Aboriginal heritage within the Application Area, the Applicant has agreed to engage Aboriginal cultural monitors to observe ground disturbing works in specific areas, and to adhere to AAR’s Aboriginal Heritage Discovery Protocols, which provide for the management and reporting of Aboriginal heritage discoveries. 

    The Applicant advises that despite its best efforts to avoid known heritage sites, factors outside the Applicant’s control could possibly result in impacts.

    Please refer to the Consultation Information Pack for detailed information about the Applicant’s proposed measures to manage Aboriginal heritage within the Application Area.

    Will there be a public meeting to discuss this proposal?

    In light of recent COVID-19 cases in South Australia, and in consideration of public health directions issued by the state government, the public meeting proposed to discuss the Main South Road and Victor Harbor Road Duplication Project (Project) on Tuesday 3 August 2021 at the Terrace Hotel Adelaide has been cancelled.

    While no public meeting will be held, AAR will seek to directly contact key Traditional Owners with a known interest in the Project area to seek their submissions prior to the closure of the consultation period. 

    If you do not receive a telephone call from AAR, or would like to learn more about the Project, or wish to lodge a submission about it, please contact AAR using the details supplied in the Consultation Information Pack. 

    The information about the Project set out in the original consultation information pack remains unchanged. An updated version of the consultation information pack is also available online at: