What time commitment is required?

    With the exception of Procurement Services SA, appointments are for a maximum period of two years.

    The NFP CoP will initially meet monthly with additional meetings scheduled where required.

    A decision regarding the ongoing frequency of meetings will be determined by the NFP CoP in early 2022 and members will confirm their ongoing commitment at that time.

    Are there minimum eligibility criteria for Public Authority applicants?

    Yes. To ensure the NFP CoP has representation from individuals who have a solid understanding of both the challenges and the potential opportunities working together with the NFP sector to deliver services of behalf of the South Australian Government can achieve, there is minimum eligibility criteria for Public Authority applicants.  These applicants should have:

    • an ASO7 classification or above
    • sound understanding and practical experience in funding, contract management and/or the delivery of services to clients via a NFP organisation
    • demonstrated experience in developing and maintaining partnerships with the NFP sector.

    Are there a minimum eligibility criteria for NFP applicants?


    How will the Community of Practice be supported?

    Support for the NFP CoP will be provided by Procurement Services SA and coordinated through the Principal Program Manager, Not for Profit Funding who will oversee the provision of the following administrative tasks:

    • schedule meetings and notify members and invited guests
    • prepare the agenda, collate papers and issue notices for meetings
    • distribute agenda and supporting papers to Members at least seven (7) working days prior to the scheduled meeting date
    • attend meetings and prepare minutes, actions and decisions and distribute to members within seven (7) working days of the scheduled meeting date
    • maintain a record of agendas, minutes, action items, decisions, meeting attendance and meeting papers.

    Will I be paid for my time?

    No. These are voluntary and unpaid positions.

    Can I apply if I live in a regional or rural area?

    Yes. Membership will be constructed to reflect the necessary mix of knowledge, experience, and skills to support the NFP CoP to fulfil its responsibilities. As such, a balance of expertise from across the metropolitan and regional/rural communities will be sought.

    Will teleconference or videoconference be available for meetings?

    Yes. The meeting format will be a combination of face-to-face and online meetings (via Microsoft Teams) to support participation of members living in regional/rural areas and to comply with COVID-19 social distancing recommendations where applicable.

    It is the responsibility of members using these arrangements to ensure they are in a private location where information/discussions can remain confidential.

    If my application is unsuccessful this time, can I reapply?

    Expressions of Interest will be sought every two years. Appointments to the NFP CoP are for a maximum period of two years.

    For more information

    Please read the NFP CoP Terms of Reference and the additional background information provided. For any enquiries, please email:

    Bernadette Schebera, Principal Program Manager, Not for Profit Funding at Contact@procurement.sa.gov.au