Application for School registration

As a very experienced, ancient teacher, together with a couple of others similar, have attempted to form a new independent school designed to correct the failures of the current system for an ever increasing number of 25-24 year olds who are not finding success. The existing school system is failing. Students are school refusing, young new teachers are walking away. We believe we have a solution that should be tested to help at least a few of these "different and non-complient" teens. We believe they are the drivers of the future and need a different approach to carry them over the 15-24 years crazy kids period.

We think the American "Freshman College" is a good model.

To test this model in SA, we have attempted to register an existing old-style country hotel with plenty of guest rooms for 1st step away from home accommodation and hospitality spaces that could be used for teaching.

It has been extremely difficult to register a new senior high school to secure funding to help this cohort. ESB will not accept this old building as a school building, regardless of its Licenced premise high safety status.

We have given up on this approach. There seems to be no other way to secure funding to develop and test this model.

It is very clear that schools in SA are no longer fit for purpose, Students and teachers are walking away.

Take a look at our plan to lease an old hotel, continue its hotel operations to produce supportive income and to support a training venue, to function as a student residential college at

Please suggest a method of funding to

(1) Purchase lease of the hotel $500,000

(2) set it up for student accommodation and teaching $50,000 for new student room furnishings

(3) AND we have other ideas for tourism industry training on the website.


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Consultation has concluded. Thanks for your contributions.