March 2022

Business case announced

March → June 2022

Site screening activities

June → September 2022

Additional studies on shortlisted sites

Purpose to select a study site to focus investigative efforts.

October 2022 → January 2023

Multi-Criteria Assessment of shortlisted sites

30 January 2023

Study Site Feedback summary point

Feedback received from the study site feedback survey before 30 January 2023 will summarised and used to inform a Multi-Criteria Analysis process that is being undertaken as part of the recommended study site selection process 

The study site feedback survey will remain open until 28 Feburary 2023. All submissions will be included in n the Stakeholder Engagement summary report that will be written as part of the business case.

February 2023

Engagement on MCA results

28 February 2023

Survey closing date

April 2023

Business case submitted

Economic studies investigating project cost, benefit and overall feasibility are now complete. A decision will be made if and how the project should continue.