Are there any Aboriginal sites located within the Application Area?

    AAR’s central archives contain records for one Aboriginal site within the Application Area. In addition, an asserted cultural site comprising the Karrawirra Parri (River Torrens) also intersects the northeastern and northwestern edges of the Application Area. A map showing the application area in relation to the central archives site can be found in the Consultation Information Pack.

    Please refer to the Consultation Information Pack for further information about known Aboriginal sites within the Application Area. 

    How does the Applicant intend to manage Aboriginal heritage whilst undertaking Project activities?

    Considering the presence of Aboriginal heritage sites in the general area, and given the nature of the proposed Project works, Aboriginal heritage may be encountered and impacted during Project works. To appropriately manage Aboriginal heritage within the Application Area, the Applicant has undertaken to:

    • adhere to AAR’s Aboriginal Heritage Discovery Protocols, which provide for the management and reporting of Aboriginal heritage discoveries. 
    • ask Traditional Owners to guide, conduct, assist and monitor any salvage, repatriation or reburial activities associated with the Project
    • develop a cultural heritage management plan (CHMP) for the Project, in consultation with Traditional Owners. 

    Please refer to the Consultation Information Pack  for detailed information about the Applicant’s proposed measures to manage Aboriginal heritage within the Application Area.

    Will there be a public meeting to discuss this proposal?

    No public meeting will be held for this consultation. AAR will endeavour to contact Aboriginal parties with a known interest in the Application Area before the consultation period closes. If you are not contacted and wish to learn more and/or lodge a verbal or written submission, please contact AAR.