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Palliative Care

About 15 years ago my younger sister died of cancer. She was 42.

The last weeks of her life were spent in the hospice attached to the Daws Rd Repatriation Hospital.

The staff were wonderful. She was cared for and looked after and respected, and they cared for her family as well (very hard on her children). She was kept as comfortable as possible the whole time and suffered very little.

I have never forgotten how positive the whole experience was, under the circumstances, and how well her final days were managed. THAT has stuck in my mind as genuinely 'dying with dignity'. No suicide involved. No invited killing of another person. Just care and concern and a good death (so far as any death can be good).

I have only praise for the staff and the environment there. It is so sad that it was destroyed as part of Transforming Health. THIS is the sort of thing we need more of.

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