Who are the Expert Panel?

    The review is being conducted under the leadership of Presiding Member John Stimson, who is joined by Panel Members Cate Hart, Andrew McKeegan and Lisa Teburea. More information about the Panel is available at https://plan.sa.gov.au/planning_review/expert_panel_members

    Where can I find the Expert Panel's Terms of Reference?

    The Terms of Reference are available at https://plan.sa.gov.au/planning_review/expert_panel_meetings

    Why is the review being undertaken?

    During the March 2022 State Election, an election commitment was made to commission an independent review of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 and the Planning and Design Code to ensure planning decisions encourage a more liveable, competitive and sustainable long-term growth strategy for Greater Adelaide and the regions. In August 2022, the Minister for Planning, Hon. Nick Champion MP, commissioned an independent panel of planning experts to conduct the review.

    How can I provide a written submission to the Panel?

    You can provide your written submission:

    1. via email to DTI.PlanningReview@sa.gov.au
    2. via post to: Attention Expert Panel, GPO Box 1815, Adelaide SA 5001

    What will happen with my feedback?

    Your feedback is being provided directly to the Panel for their consideration. The Panel’s final report to the Minister will identify what it heard throughout this engagement process.

    Who are the Panel consulting with, and when?

    Over the coming weeks, the Panel will be engaging with key stakeholders and the community through several consultation events. The Panel’s event schedule is available on the Planning Review website at https://plan.sa.gov.au/planning_review, under the ‘Have Your Say’ tab.

    Where can I find further information on the Review?

    You can visit the Planning System Review webpage: https://plan.sa.gov.au/planning_review

    When will the outcome of the Review be known?

    The Panel will be providing a report with recommendations to the Minister for Planning, the Hon. Nick Champion in 2023.