Why is this needed?

    The boundary currently cuts through vacant land on which a large-scale residential housing development is planned, as well as part of the Onkaparinga River Recreation Park.

    This means that both the vacant land and adjacent park are located in both Port Noarlunga South and Seaford Meadows. If the proposed development goes ahead, houses would be included in both suburbs.

    Changing a section of the boundary will provide better land administration, and avoid any potential for confusion for emergency services.

    What is being proposed?

    Realigning part of the boundary between the two suburbs. This proposed change would mean the vacant allotment (Allotment 501 in D93870) and the adjacent Onkaparinga River Recreation park would be in Port Noarlunga South.

    Will any residences or addresses be affected?

    No existing residences or addresses are affected by this proposal.

    What is the status of the proposed housing development?

    Plans to subdivide the vacant land have been approved. More information can be found at:https://plan.sa.gov.au/development_application_register#view-60992-LDE