02 April 2018

Stage 1: Reactivating the Repat - Identify, Test and Develop Options

Stage 1 consisted of two sub-stages:

  • 1A: During April and May 2018, we identified the opportunities and options available for reactivating the Repat site.
  • 1B: From June until mid-July 2018, we tested and developed these options in collaboration with key stakeholders.
15 August 2018

PAST EVENT: Reactivating the Repat - Official launch

This event has already passed but you can hear the Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Stephen Wade, speak about the process and his views in the video below. 

You can also watch all the videos from the official launch of the public consultation here.

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15 August 2018

Stage 2: Reactivating the Repat - Community and Stakeholder Consultation

From mid-August until September 2018, the conceptual Master Plan is available for community and stakeholder consultation.

01 September 2018

EVENT: Reactivating the Repat - Let's Talk

Join us at Tonsley and engage in a series of in-depth chats with a group of speakers on how the Repatriation General Hospital site in Daw Park could be reactivated.

Registrations for this event will open soon.

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03 September 2018

Stage 3: Reactivating the Repat - Partnership Dialogue

During September 2018 we will be costing the Conceptual Master Plan and negotiating with potential partners.

Closing date for submissions to the Expression of Interest is 14 September 2018

01 October 2018

Stage 4: Reactivating the Repat - Government Endorsement

During October and November 2018 we will be seeking sign-off for the Conceptual Master Plan.

17 December 2018

Stage 5: Reactivating the Repat - Finalise Master Plan and Approvals

By mid- December 2018 we expect to finalise the negotiations with potential partners and obtain Cabinet sign-off on the Master Plan.

07 January 2019

Stage 6: Reactivating the Repat - Commence site activation

Site activation will commence in early 2019.