Strategy to ‘stop the hurt’ caused by crystal methamphetamine

In February 2017, the Ministerial Crystal Methamphetamine Taskforce was established to develop a rapid response to the growing use of Crystal Methamphetamine (ice) in South Australia, and the wide ranging community impacts from health to justice and child protection.

In line with the Taskforce’s recommendations the State Government has released an $8 million Ice Action Plan to reduce the growth of ice use in South Australia.

Initiatives focus on the key priority areas of reducing supply, increasing treatment and family support, building community education and capacity.

Key measures include:

  • Increasing access to treatment $3.6m
  • Additional drug dogs $0.549m
  • Additional resourcing for family support groups $0.560m
  • Supporting employers to better respond to substance abuse in the workplace $0.498m
  • Assisting community organisations to respond to ice abuse issues $0.3m
  • Assisting grass roots sporting clubs to respond to ice abuse issues $0.3m
  • Additional TruNarc electronic drug testing implements $0.287m
  • Dob in a dealer campaign $0.2m

Stop the Hurt, South Australian Ice Action Plan is a step towards addressing the alarming growth of Ice and the damaging consequences on individuals, families and communities. The Action Plan is available here (PDF 351KB).

The Ministerial Crystal Methamphetamine Taskforce Summary Report is available here (PDF 458KB).

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