SA Restrictive Practice Authorisation scheme update

The third stage of the NDIS Restrictive Practices Authorisation Scheme sought feedback from NDIS service providers about how they felt transitioning to the new Restrictive Practices System.

A survey was available on YourSAy for NDIS providers to share their experiences with using the System. Several user guides, videos, webinars and resources were also available on the Restrictive Practices website.

Although we did not receive any completed surveys for the final stage of the consultation, a steady amount of positive feedback submissions were received via:

  • the Restrictive Practices website
  • webinars
  • face to face information sessions
  • User Acceptance Testing of the System and
  • email and phone correspondence.

The Restrictive Practices Unit has also endeavored to be accessible and responsive to questions and requests for support from stakeholders when they have transitioned to the Restrictive Practices System.

The feedback received from the first and second consultation stages demonstrated strong community support to provide safeguards for people with disability, and to ensure that restrictive practices are only used as a last resort. This feedback has helped us develop an ICT platform and supporting resources that are:

  • easy for people to understand and use
  • reflect best practice and service requirements and
  • simplifies the administrative requirements of the Scheme.

Implementation of the Restrictive Practices System has progressed well, with positive feedback received from NDIS providers, people with disability, and their families.

Overall, the feedback received from each of the consultation stages has contributed to the development of regulations and guidelines that are clear, simple, and effective for NDIS participants and providers. It has also helped shape an operational unit and ICT authorisation System to regulate the use of restrictive practices by NDIS providers for NDIS participants.

For more information, visit the Restrictive Practices website.

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Consultation has concluded. Thanks for your contributions.

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