When will the Planning and Design Code be released for public consultation?

    The State Planning Commission has released the revised draft Planning and Design Code for a further six weeks of public consultation from Wednesday, 4 November 2020 to Friday, 18 December 2020.

    How will people provide their feedback?

    The revised Planning and Design Code is available electronically via the PlanSA portal and includes details of the Commission’s proposed policy improvements following an initial five-month period of public consultation. This additional consultation provides everyone with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with and comment on the revised planning policies for their area and to experience how the new planning system will operate once implemented.

    A range of educational resources and engagement activities including a series of community information sessions and online webinars are available to help support people’s understanding of the proposed changes in the revised draft Code.

    Everyone is encouraged to provide formal feedback via the Code Feedback Tool on the PlanSA portal. For assistance, refer to the How to submit feedback using the Code Feedback tool – Instructional Guide.

    Alternatively, some community members may prefer to provide their feedback via email to DIT.PlanningReformSubmissions@sa.gov.au.

    Will there be further opportunity to comment on the Code?

    In order to meet the timeframe of delivering a new planning system for South Australia, this will be the final opportunity for people to have their say on the revised draft Code before it is implemented in 2021.

    When will the new planning system come into operation?

    Following the close of consultation and review of submissions, the Commission will make a recommendation to the Minister for Planning and Local Government to implement the new planning system across metropolitan Adelaide and large regional cities in the first quarter of 2021.

    If I have already provided a submission do I need to resubmit it?

    No, if you provided an earlier submission during the consultation period from Oct 2019-Feb 2020 it has already been considered by the Commission. This additional consultation period provides an opportunity for people to see how their feedback has been incorporated into the revised draft Code, and provide further feedback if required.

    Will there be supporting events or workshops that I can attend / join to find out more?

    Yes, both in-person events and online webinars will be held during the six week consultation period. People wishing to attend will be required to register to attend. Event details and registration are available on the PlanSA event calendar.

    What changes have been made to the Code?

    Extensive feedback from councils, industry and the community have been incorporated in the revised draft Code. An overview of the key changes and proposed improvements to the revised draft Code are highlighted in the Summary of Post-Consultation Amendments.

    Key areas of change in the revised Planning and Design Code include:

    • More localised policy to reflect neighbourhood characteristics
    • Inclusion of existing Contributory Items as ‘Representative Buildings’
    • Raising the Bar on Residential Infill standards
    • Greenlight for new greenfield and master planned neighbourhoods on urban fringe
    • Establishment of strategic innovation zones to support new investment
    • Protection for trees and incentives for tree planting and water sensitive urban design
    • Extensive policy on flooding and related mapping

    In addition, the Commission received a substantial amount of constructive feedback on the Code following the initial five months of consultation (October 2019 – February 2020), which is detailed in the Phase Three What We Have Heard Report (June 2020) and Phase Three Update Report (Dec 2019).

    Will the Phase Three (Urban Areas) Code effect the Phase Two (Rural Areas) Code?

    Some of the changes the Commission has proposed in the revised draft Code will have an effect on the current Code already in operation in the rural and outback areas of South Australia. These improvements are outlined in the Proposed Changes to the Rural Planning and Design Code Factsheet.

    Where do I go for more information?

    For further information visit the PlanSA portal or contact the PlanSA Service Desk on PlanSA@sa.gov.au or call 1800 752 664.