Why is this needed?

    A section of Buckland Park is being redeveloped to become a residential, commercial and industrial master-planned community. The developer has asked the Office of the Surveyor-General to rename a portion of this suburb. This would allow the area being developed to be clearly defined and differentiated from Buckland Park’s agricultural and rural identity.

    The proposed name, Riverlea Park, reflects the topography and physical attributes of the area. The suburb name of Buckland Park would be retained for those parts of the existing suburb which will remain agricultural.

    What is being proposed?

    The proposal is to rename 1600ha of Buckland Park to Riverlea Park as shown in the map. 

    Are other suburb names being considered?

    No. There has recently been some community interest in an alternative suburb name, Riverlea. However, as Riverlea is already used as a suburb name interstate (New South Wales), this cannot be considered in line with the National Policy, Principles for the Consistent Use of Place Names. 

    Will any residences or addresses be affected?

    Yes, residents in the affected area would have their address change from Buckland Park to Riverlea Park and will need to update their address. 

    Most people affected will be prospective or recent purchasers of allotments within the development. However, some living just outside the proposed development may also have their suburb name changed to Riverlea Park. This is so that the proposed new suburb has logical and recognisable boundaries, including Port Wakefield Highway to the east and along Carmelo Rd to the south.

    If the proposal goes ahead, more information will be provided about what people need to do if they need to change their address.

    What is the status of the proposed housing development?

    Further information about the development is available from the Walker Corporation website.

    Will the suburb change affect the current zoning?

    No. The proposed suburb name change will not affect the current rezoning of land. The boundary change being proposed is seen as a logical approach to ensure an identity for the new development.