Why develop South Australia’s Road Safety Strategy?

    A Road Safety Strategy for South Australia is being developed to improve road safety for everyone living in, and visiting, our state. It will focus the South Australian Government's efforts on the things that will have the greatest impact for reducing lives lost and serious injuries on our roads.

    What is the aim of South Australia's Road Safety Strategy to 2031?

    The draft South Australia’s Road Safety Strategy to 2031 sets out the South Australian Government’s proposed agenda for reducing lives lost and serious injuries on our roads. 

    The draft Strategy has been developed with a vision of zero lives lost on our roads by 2050 and sets ambitious targets for reducing lives lost and serious injuries over the next ten years.

    The Strategy includes:

    • Principles to underpin road safety decision making and actions. 
    • Strategic priorities that are the focus areas for the Strategy, informed by evidence and consultation. These priority areas are identified to collectively contribute to achieving our ten-year target.
    • The Strategy will be implemented through a three-year rolling action plan, which is updated annually.