What is the SA Water regulatory determination?

    The Commission makes a regulatory determination every four years to apply to the water and sewerage retail services provided by SA Water Corporation (SA Water). The regulatory determination sets the maximum revenues that SA Water can earn from its customers over that four-year period, and the service standards it must deliver for its customers. The Commission will make a new determination applicable from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2028.

    What is the Water Retail Code?

    The Water Retail Code sets out a series of consumer protections consistent with the legislative framework of the Water Industry Act 2012. The consumer protections relate to information provisions, minimum billing requirements, and rules around restriction and disconnection of services. Compliance with the Code is a condition of SA Water’s retail licence. The Commission is reviewing the Code provisions to ensure it is fit-for-purpose.

    What is the Monitoring and Evaluating Performance Framework?

    The Monitoring and Evaluating Performance Framework requires SA Water to publicly report on performance, alongside its reporting to the Commission. Key areas of the Framework are service standards with performance targets, expenditure and revenue outcomes, key investment areas, and long-term asset management and investment planning.

    How can I have my say in the Code review?

    Read the Issues paper and have your say by sending a submission to reviews@escosa.sa.gov.au or taking the survey below. You can email us to request a meeting if you would like to discuss your feedback.