Short term licence

The short term licence replaces the existing limited licence and authorises the licensee to sell or supply liquor, or the consumption of liquor.

A short term licence may be granted for an event or occasion or series of events or occasions.

A class 1 short term licence is not intended to be used for ongoing operations for example weekly social nights.

It is proposed that class 3 short term licensees will be required to ensure that all staff involved in the sale or supply of liquor have undertaken Responsible Service of Alcohol training and an approved responsible person will be required to be present at all times.

Prescribed entertainment consent will be required separately for the conduct of entertainment such as sexually explicit events or events regulated under the Boxing and Martial Arts Act 2000.

Mobile businesses will be required to notify Consumer and Business Services of an upcoming event via an online portal. It is proposed that mobile and BYO business be a class 2 licence but will be distinguished from other class 2 licences to allow for different fee provisions and application requirements.

The licensing authority will be given an additional discretion to determine that a licence should be a licence of a higher class than that applied for.

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