Simplify Day 2017 Update

Thank you for your contributions during our YourSAy consultation period for Simplify Day 2017. In addition to the online discussion, we also received a significant range of responses via our email option during our consultation process this year.

We will now review all responses received during the YourSAy consultation period and evaluate them. This process, in collaboration with relevant State Government agencies, will enable us to determine the opportunities available to address the issues you have raised and explore the potential to implement the initiatives you have identified.

You can keep updated on progress for this year’s Simplify Day here. You can also continue to monitor developments in relation to the implementation of outcomes from the 2016 Simplify Day.

Although this year’s YourSAy discussion period has closed, you can continue to provide your ideas, suggestion and feedback for red tape reduction in SA, throughout the year at simplifyday@sa.gov.au.

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Consultation has concluded

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