How healthy is Country?

For the first time, the State of the Environment Report will be including Aboriginal peoples' perspectives on how healthy is Country.

The artwork of the EPA's Reconciliation Action Plan depicts Land, Air and Water, with the centre piece a representation of the coming together of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in a way that allows sharing of knowledge about country which contributes to the building of new relationships and strengthening old ones. The senior Elders are sitting on the outside watching over this relationship between the EPA and the Aboriginal communities. The water flows through the artwork from one side to the other to signify the journey of Reconciliation with the water also represented in the centre to demonstrate that the journey has started and is not over. The image under the meeting place is symbolic of a shield to signify the protection of country but also represents the protection of the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples through times of sharing knowledge and that through difficult times we can continue on the journey if we sit, listen and learn.

Artist: Scott Rathman

Scott is an Arrernte descendant who has lived the majority of his life in Adelaide. The rich design in his work is a tribute to his Grandmother who was a member of the Stolen Generation and overcame so much in her life to be an amazing role model. His curiosity to explore and understand his cultural background is the passion that that drives him to continue to look for new ways to combine the traditions of his heritage with designs of the present day.

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