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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 9 August to 25 October 2019. Below is a record of the engagement.

The information on this page is also available as a PDF document.

What will be the role of the new body?

The primary responsibility of the engagement body will be to:

  • Contribute to State policy debate by influencing policy and laws affecting Aboriginal South Australians.
  • Provide recommendations to government on issues and barriers raised by Aboriginal people or identified by the body.
  • Provide recommendations to agencies on policy and programs that impact Aboriginal people.
  • Continue the ongoing relationship with strategic Cabinet meetings.

The body will develop stronger and improved relationships between the Aboriginal community and SA Government. The body will also review its future roles and function.

What will the body look like?

It is proposed that the body will comprise of a half elected and half appointed membership of Aboriginal South Australians. The criteria for membership will include skills base, gender balance, elders, youth and geographical representation. All members must be Aboriginal.

Is Treaty included in these consultations?

No. The consultations will focus on developing a new engagement model with SA Government.

Who is providing advice to government while these consultations are taking place and arrangements for the new body are being established?

The role of the existing South Australian Aboriginal Advisory Council (SAAAC) will continue until 30 June 2020. All current members terms have been extended until this date. The role of the Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement will be maintained during this period.

When will the new body be announced and established?

Announcements about the membership of the new body is expected to be made by 30 June 2020, with the body commencing its role by 1 July 2020.

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Consultation has concluded

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