What is the engagement period?

    Public consultation on the South Australian Walking Strategy will be held from Monday 20 September to Sunday 17 October 2021 (inclusive).

    How can I provide feedback on the draft Strategy?

    • There are a few ways you can have your say on the draft Strategy:
      • use the YourSay portal to complete our survey to provide us with feedback on specific elements of the draft Strategy;
      • use our YourSay forum discussion to let us know what success will look like;
      • take our YourSay poll to let us know what your top priority might be;
      • share your story with us on the YourSay portal, about what walking means for you and your favourite places to walk; and/or
      • post or email your own written submission to: Shanti Ditter, Heart Foundation at 155 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000; or shanti.ditter@heartfoundation.org.au

    How was the draft Walking Strategy developed?

    To-date we have: 

    1. undertaken a review and evaluation of the best available evidence and evidence-based practice;
    2.  taken a coordinated across-government approach to allow for input and commitment across sectors; and 
    3. engaged with key stakeholders, including councils across the state, to seek their input and guidance. 

    Will I be able to see all feedback and responses?

    During the engagement period some of the feedback will be visible to all YourSay members. This includes entries on the forum discussion and when sharing a story. 

    After the engagement period we will publish a summary of all the feedback received and the decisions made (with reasons) in response to the feedback.  This will be made available on the YourSay portal and all feedback will remain anonymous. 

    What happens next?

    Once all feedback and responses are considered, we will make changes to the draft Walking Strategy as appropriate. We also be using the information gathered from this engagement to commence the development of the South Australian Walking Action Plan. 

    We will publish the final Walking Strategy once it is adopted by government on this site for reference.

    Who is leading the development of the draft Walking Strategy?

    Under the leadership of the Heart Foundation and Wellbeing SA, the draft Walking Strategy has been co-designed in collaboration with the following agencies that have an interest in walking:

    • Department for Environment and Water
    • Department for Education
    • Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing
    • Office for Design and Architecture SA
    • Department for Infrastructure and Transport
    • Attorney-General’s Department
    • Local Government Association
    • Royal Automobile Association
    • Walking SA
    • South Australian Tourism Commission