What is a Charter?

    A Charter is a formal document and statement, that describes the rights, aims, or principles of an organisation or group of people.

    What are the expected benefits of the South Australian Multicultural Charter?

    • An increased awareness and understanding of multiculturalism
    • Provide guidance in policy development and help inform service delivery
    • A recognition that a lot has been achieved as a diverse multicultural society and we are moving forward by recognising and promoting a deep understanding of and respect for all cultures

    How will the Multicultural Charter be actioned?

    The Ambassador Program will activate the Multicultural Charter by engaging businesses and government agencies to actively consider the Charter’s principles in everything they do.

    What does interculturalism mean?

    To recognise and promote a deep understanding of, and respect for all cultures, and a dynamic, inclusive interactions between diverse groups within our community.

    What is the role of the Charter Working Group?

    The Charter Working Group is leading the Charter’s overall development, setting the foundation for the structure and content of the Charter.

    Why is there an acknowledgement statement for Aboriginal Peoples?

    The South Australian Multicultural Act 2021 prescribes for provisions recognising Aboriginal peoples of South Australia and their role in the diversity of the people of South Australia.

    The Commissioner for Aboriginal Engagement has been engaged in the drafting of the acknowledgement statement.