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Conversations with people aged 50+ are being hosted around the State in homes, clubs, community centres and libraries.

If you are over 50 we want to hear from you. If you can’t get to any of the conversations in person in November, you are invited to join in the conversation online.

To begin the online conversation, start by completing a short (2 minute) survey about your demographics. You will be invited to learn more and contribute to the State-wide conversation. There are four themes. You can contribute to all or any of the themes. Each theme has a short video (less than a minute), a three minute read and three or four questions for you to answer.

Thanks for accepting the invitation to join the State-wide Conversation with Older South Australians.

Love, intimacy and family

Photo credit: M. Sulser

The definition and shape of families and relationships are changing. Intimacy is being enhanced and challenged by technology, medicine, changing community attitudes and where and how we live whole-heartedly.

For more on this theme

  1. How will ‘family’ be defined in the future?
  2. What might help us feel connected to family, friends, community? What role will technology play?
  3. How will we be supported to feel safe, loved, heard or understood?

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Place, space and purpose

Photo credit: R. Johnson

Spaces and places have purpose and meaning, giving us access to people and activities for us to age well. The way we design houses, cities, suburbs and country towns in the future will make a difference to our identity and well-being.

For more on this theme

  1. What factors do planners, policy makers and developers need to consider to help us connect and support community building?
  2. How can the decisions made by planners, policy makers and developers about the houses, towns and suburbs of the future help you to stay healthy (both physically and mentally)?
  3. Share some ideas about how and where community groups might organise themselves into the future.
  4. What supports could encourage life-long learning and participation in local communities: And what might discourage?

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The future is not what it used to be

Photo credit: I. Sim

The ways in which we want to live as we grow older is changing. Values, attitudes and preferences are diverse and evolving. Technology and innovation are influencing the choices we have, and some of what might be available in the future is yet to be designed. The next generation of older people is more informed than ever before about what is possible in shaping the future.

For more on this theme

  1. What issues would get you taking to the streets when you are in your 80s?
  2. What characteristics will those who are resilient into the future have? How can we strengthen this for others?
  3. What ideas do you have about building community resilience to prepare for the future?
  4. What is already in place, that you would like to see more of into the future for South Australians, as they get older?

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Time, talent and energy

Photo credit: G. Smith

We want a future where opportunities for social and community engagement, physical activity, volunteering, employment, and lifelong learning, are everywhere - in your neighbourhood, your state, online, country and overseas. It could be a place where how you contribute and the way you connect can make a difference to your well-being and to society.

For more on this theme

  1. What will trust between older people, institutions, business and across generations look like in the future?
  2. What kind of ways would you like to spend your time, talents and energy?
  3. What safeguards need to be in place to ensure older people are not exploited?
  4. What needs to happen to ensure older people are supported to participate and contribute to community life?
  5. How do we ensure that older people across the State can all share in the abundance available in the State (e.g. new industries), any new opportunities emerging and contribute to them?

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