Who decided to bring Tree Climb to Kuitpo Forest?

    TreeClimb made a submission through the Nature Based Tourism (NBT) Co-investment Fund application process. This fund was established to encourage nature-based projects within South Australia, providing an opportunity for regional employment and healthy activations. As part of that process all applications remained confidential while being assessed. Once confirmed The Minister for Environment & Water was able to make an official announcement regarding successful applicants, like TreeClimb Kuitpo. This announcement was made on Sunday, 27 June 2021.

    It is important to note despite the grant funding announcement, TreeClimb must still obtain all the necessary Development approvals from council, CFS, and Department of Infrastructure & Transport for the project to proceed. Community consultation will be undertaken by ForestrySA and TreeClimb during the Development Proposal process.

    Where will the TreeClimb facility be located?

    Covering 15 acres, the TreeClimb Kuitpo facility will be located within the Chookarloo Campground & Picnic Area, south of the creek where walk in Campsites 1 & 2 are currently situated. The site will be positioned within a hardwood (mixed eucalypt species) and softwood plantation. Native Forest Reserves managed for their conservation value will not be impacted by the development.

    Please refer to the site plan provided in the TreeClimb Kuitpo Project Summary for more detail.

    What is TreeClimb? (i.e. what structures will be built?)

    The design and footprint of the project will be very similar to TreeClimb in the Adelaide Park Lands. It is an aerial adventure course comprising of approximately 12 elevated treetop ropes and zipline courses of varying difficulty.

    As part of the infrastructure, TreeClimb will erect a modern lightweight building to accommodate a check- in area, safety and harnessing area and will include a small café and decked area for users and visitors. The building will be designed to ensure it fits comfortably into its natural landscape and will utilize removable footing systems to reduce the impact to the area and allow removal at the end of the agreed license period. The design will also include an interactive education room to provide schools and visitors with the chance to learn about conservation and broader environmental challenges. The facility will cater to families, schools, adventure tourists, clubs, community & corporate groups.

    Who will manage TreeClimb?

    TreeClimb will be responsible for the management of the facility, including opening and closing of the site and appropriate security measures. TreeClimb will employ 4 full-time staff and up to 40 part-time staff to manage the facility.

    When will the TreeClimb be built and when will TreeClimb be open to the public?

    This is subject to the Development Application process and obtaining all necessary approvals. It is intended for the facility to be open to the public early 2022.

    What are the hours of operation? Will there be access at night?

    Opening hours will be 9am – 5pm to access the aerial high ropes facilities. There will be no access to the TreeClimb facility after hours.

    Chookarloo Campground is very popular. How will the extra traffic be managed?

    An alternative entry and exit point for TreeClimb visitors is proposed off Black Nursery Road, away from the Chookarloo Campground entrance. TreeClimb will work with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) and ForestrySA to determine the most appropriate and safest entry and exit point.

    What will happen to Campsites 1 and 2 and where will Heysen Trail hikers camp now the TreeClimb is coming?

    Walk-in campsites 1 & 2 will be relocated to accommodate the TreeClimb facility. ForestrySA will determine a suitable new location for two new walk-in campsites to accommodate Heysen Trail hikers.

    How will the toilet facilities at Chookarloo cope?

    TreeClimb will provide toilet facilities to cater for its patrons.

    Will the public still be able to use the walking trails through the TreeClimb area?

    Yes. The area in which the TreeClimb facility will be located, including the nearby Chookarloo Walk and Heysen Trail will still be available for public use.

    The TreeClimb area will be accessible under the aerial adventure facilities for bush walking, picnicking, use of café or watching the TreeClimbers at any time. The public will only be required to pay for participating on the aerial adventure facilities.

    Will TreeClimb operate all year round?

    TreeClimb will operate all year round. The facility will be closed on days of declared Total Fire Ban in the Mount Lofty Ranges, in line with ForestrySA’s fire management requirements and the Forestry Act 1950.

    What if there is a fire? How will TreeClimb visitors be evacuated?

    TreeClimb will develop a Disaster Management Plan, detailing emergency evacuation procedures in the event of a fire, or other major emergencies.

    TreeClimb will be required to meet all fire mitigation measures as recommended by the CFS and ForestrySA.

    Will there be disability access to TreeClimb?

    TreeClimb will have disability access to all its areas except the elevated ropes courses. Full access inside the education room, café and toilets will be available to all visitors.