Q: Why do we need to do anything about single-use plastics?

    A: Single-use plastic costs a lot to produce, is hard to recycle and causes lasting damage to our environment and marine life when littered. Plastic in our environment is harmful and has to be addressed. Many of the items we’re asking South Australians to consider banning are used one time, and for just minutes.

    Q: Does this mean more single-use plastics are going to be banned?

    A: Possibly. Legislation exists to ban or prohibit more single-use plastic products. Before anything else is added to the list, we want to know which items (if any) South Australians think could be addressed by bans

    Q: Is South Australia the only place doing this?

    A: No, nationally and internationally many other jurisdictions are implementing single-use plastic bans to protect the environment. The tide is turning on single-use plastic items.