Can I give feedback on the Causeway project?

    This engagement process is specifically for Granite Island Recreation Park. If you would like to provide feedback on the Causeway project, register your interest on the Department for Infrastructure and Transport website.

    How will the community be able to comment on the visitor experience plan?

    You can select your preferred way to provide your feedback through this website.

    We also have an email address for community questions and input regarding the visitor experience plan process

    When will the visitor experience plan be finalised and how will outcomes be communicated?

    It is expected that this stage of the community engagement for the visitor experience plan process will be completed by July 2021 and outcomes communicated on this website.

    Will the visitor experience plan articulate opportunities for future infrastructure investments?

    The visitor experience plan will create a vision for sustainable nature-based tourism attractions and facilities in Granite Island Recreation Park. It will act as a guide, ensuring that community sentiment is understood in relation to the creation of any future experiences and resulting infrastructure in the park.

    How will the natural features of Granite Island, including local fauna, be protected and enhanced?

    Conserving South Australia’s natural resources, native species and natural places for their intrinsic value is one of our core purposes.

    Any future activities in the park will reflect the objectives in the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 and will be informed by evidence, engagement and analysis.