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The best Palliative Care

When my husband had a life limiting illness in 2019, the oncologist referred him to Palliative Care at FMC (Laurel House). My husband had decided to remain at home for his final days.

A Palliative Care doctor and nurse, then a Health Navigator came to our home to arrange a care package for end of life. An Occupational Therapist came to see what was necessary and a special bed, wheel chair, shower chair and many other items were delivered.

Help with showers was arranged as well as regular palliative care nurses and a physiotherapist. Palliative care volunteers were available to sit with my husband if I needed to shop or had a medical appointment. A carers Association volunteer came a couple of times to give me a break. Towards the end nurses came daily then twice daily.

All this was at no cost to me and I will be forever grateful.

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