Is there any known Aboriginal heritage in the Overall Application Areas?

    The Overall Application Areas contain extensive recorded Aboriginal heritage, including Aboriginal ancestral burials, culturally modified trees, campsites and artefacts. The Gawler River (Kadlitparri), an important Kaurna cultural site, also intersects the Overall Application Areas.

    The Overall Application Areas also contain three areas identified by the Applicant’s heritage consultant as Heritage Impact Mitigation Areas (HIMAs), due to their high likelihood of containing sub-surface archaeological material. 

    See the map of the Overall Application Areas (including Original and Additional Application Areas), Aboriginal heritage, the 'Riverlea Project Masterplan' boundary and other relevant data.

    For detailed information about Aboriginal heritage within the Overall Application Areas, as well as the HIMAs and the Applicant’s proposed measures to manage Aboriginal heritage during the Project, see the Consultation Notice (amended 22 December 2023) and the Consultation Information Pack (amended 22 December 2023).

    New information about discovered Aboriginal objects

    The Applicant recently provided AAR with new information about its discoveries of Aboriginal objects during project works between 2021 and 2023.

    Information about these discoveries, as well as additional information about nearby Aboriginal sites, is now included in AAR's amended consultation materials.

    Additional information about these objects following an inspection by AAR archaeologists is included in a new attachment to AAR's Consultation Information Pack.

    Will there be a community meeting to discuss the Project?

    Initial Aboriginal Community consultation meeting

    An Aboriginal community consultation meeting about the application was held for Traditional Owners and other Aboriginal parties on Monday 14 August 2023 at the Riverlea Sales and Discovery Centre located at 9 Bonnin Crescent, Riverlea Park SA 5120 (off Riverlea Boulevard).

    Upcoming Aboriginal Community consultation meetings

    Two Aboriginal Community consultation meetings will be held by AAR for Traditional Owners and other Aboriginal parties on:

    • Thursday 11 January 2024 at Mawson Lakes Hotel, 10 Main Street, Mawson Lakes from 5:30 pm. A light supper will be provided.
    • Saturday 13 January 2024 at Tauondi Aboriginal Community College, 1 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide from 10:30 am. A light lunch will be provided.

    If you would like to attend one or both of these meetings, please RSVP to AAR as soon as possible. 

    Will I be notified of the Minister’s decision?

    Traditional Owners and Aboriginal parties who provide feedback, a submission, or simply request AAR to notify them of the Minister’s decision during the consultation, will be notified once the Minister has decided the application. The outcome of the Minister’s decision will also be published on YourSAy.