Breast Cancer

My story began with a GP visit (not my regular GP) I had a rash on my R Breast…’oh that’s eczema’ and was given cortisone cream, which did clear it up. No further investigations..Several months later, i went back to the GP still concerned about my Breast..’ oh well you’re due for a mammogram, so go and get that done … no examination..I waited 3 weeks for my results, having been told that if there was a concern you would get an early phone call.. no phone call, just a letter telling me to contact Breast Screen for further tests, however, Christmas was coming and clinics were closed, so no appointments available until February. Back to my regular GP who was really on the ball and arranged an ultrasound/ biopsy and Bone scan…. Christmas Eve 2018 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.. I don’t have Private Health Insurance , but the Public Clinics we’re closed, so I paid privately to see a Breast Surgeon for a CT scan and a plan. I was then transferred to the Public System for ongoing treatment

Stage 2 Hormone receptive ductal carcinoma of the R Breast.. I should have a good prognosis following treatment..

Chemotherapy/Surgery/Radiotherapy/Hormone blockers/ Zoledronic Acid infusions

The Public System was excellent, well coordinated between departments, staff and care brilliant .. Oncology and Chem Nurses exceptional.. Drs ,Brilliant .

I had Physio throughout my treatment.. even though I could barely walk, I felt better for it. Post treatment follow up , is good, but I’m struggling with debilitating joint and muscle pain, some depressive issues..

Survivorship nurse is good , but probably need a little something extra in terms of psychological care and continuing Physio..

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