Need help or support?

    If participating has raised any concerns for you, below are some numbers you can call:

    In an emergency, call 000


    13 11 14

    Cancer Council Support Line

     13 11 20  

    Kids’ Helpline (ages 5 to 25)

    1800 55 1800


    1300 78 99 78 

    What is the SA Cancer Plan and when will it be released?

    The SA Cancer Plan will be a new five-year statewide cancer plan informed by community experiences with cancer care in South Australia. It will outline the vision and goals for cancer care in the next five years in South Australia. The plan will include all aspects of cancer care including prevention, screening, early detection, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and palliative care. It will also include an implementation plan, outlining how the plan will be put into practice.

    The final plan and its associated implementation plan are expected to be released by the end of 2023.

    What will the SA Cancer Plan do?

    The SA Cancer Plan will provide a strategic direction for cancer care in South Australia and ensure a coordinated effort to improve cancer prevention and outcomes for all South Australians. The plan will provide clear guidance and consistency for SA Health and its partners about the priorities, future direction, and approach to cancer care in SA.

    It will provide an agreed vision and direction for all elements of cancer care including prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and palliative care.

    The plan will guide future decisions on service planning, resource allocation and where publicly funded cancer services need to be delivered, targeting areas of highest need through a population-based approach.

    The objectives of the five-year plan are to:

    • reduce the incidence of cancer occurring in the population
    • improve the cancer journey for those diagnosed with cancer, and their families and support workers and carers
    • increase long term survivorship after diagnosis.

    Why are you asking for people's stories about cancer care in South Australia?

    The development of the SA Cancer Plan starts with understanding the status of cancer care from the perspective of people with cancer and their families, carers, clinicians, health providers and the general community.

    We want to hear people’s experiences with cancer prevention and care in South Australia to help us understand what is happening now and to inform future cancer care.

    This will ensure people are at the centre of the planning of future strategies and priorities for cancer.

    Who do you want to hear from?

    We want to hear from people with lived experience of cancer in South Australia, as well as families, friends, carers and clinicians.

    That means we want to hear about experiences of people in public and private health sectors and community settings, including palliative care services. We also want to hear from public and private clinicians including doctors, nurses, allied health staff, support workers, researchers and others who are connected to cancer prevention and care in SA.

    When does the consultation end?

    This consultation to inform the current state analysis of cancer care in South Australia will be open until 18 November 2022. There will also be consultation on the draft SA Cancer Plan in future.