Who should respond to this survey?

    Anyone can respond to this survey.

    We particularly encourage contributions from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

    How can I contribute?

    You can contribute by:

    • taking the online survey
    • completing the printable feedback form
    • posting or emailing us your written feedback.

    Why should I contribute?

    Your feedback can influence change to the Outcomes Framework by including important information about the children and young people in your community, any missing information, and important things you would like to see reported on.

    Who will make the final decision about what is included in the revised Outcomes Framework?

    The members of the Child Development Council will make the final decision on what is included in the revised Outcomes Framework.

    The final version will then be reviewed and approved by the Minister for Education before being tabled in Parliament.

    Will my information and contribution be kept private?

    The only mandatory information required is your postcode.

    If you wish to, you can provide your name and organisation details.

    All personal information you provide will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone outside the Child Development Council.

    All feedback/data will be de-identified before publication of any kind.